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Terms, used in these Conditions
Seller —RAGOSA company. Single registration number 40003408993, legal address Rīga, Ģertrūdes street, 20 - 9, LV-1011, actual address Rīga, Ģertrūdes street 20 - 9, LV-1011, telephone +371 26327407, email [email protected].
Consumer — An individual or juridical person that expresses an interest to purchase the Product or to use the goods or services for any purpose not related to his or her economic or professional activities.
Buyer — a person who makes a purchase of goods in Seller’s online store. The buyer can either be a Consumer and at the same time cannot be a Consumer.
Product — any product offered to the Consumer through this website.
Manufacturer — a person who, in the scope of their economic or professional activities, produces or updates goods for sale or identifies himself as a manufacturer by indicating (marking) their name (company name), name, surname, trademark or other distinguishing sign on the goods or their packaging or in the technical documentation of goods.
Legislation — Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 20 of May 20, 2014, 255 "Regulations on Remote Contract", Law on Consumer Protection, Civil Law, Commercial Law and other related legal acts.
Guarantee — the promise of the manufacturer or trader to reimburse a certain amount of money paid for goods or products to exchange goods or products for the relevant goods or products, to eliminate any non-conformity of goods or products free of charge or to provide other solutions if the goods or products do not meet the specifications, provided for in advertising.
Terms of products use — instructions of the Manufacturer, according to which the goods preserve their operational characteristics and adequate quality and do not pose a threat to the property, health, and life of the Consumer and the environment.
Website — Seller’s website
Prices — the final price of the products indicated on the website, including taxes and fees, at which the Seller sells the products on through this website. The price does not include the cost of delivery of goods.
Parties — Seller and Buyer.
General conditions — conditions outlined here (General terms and conditions of the Website).
1. General Conditions
1.1. These Conditions determine the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.
1.2. Before you start using the website, carefully read these Terms of Use.
1.3. By using the website, the User agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
1.4. The Seller can partially or completely remove, change, update the information on the website without prior notice.
1.5. The images and description of the products in question may differ slightly from the offered Product.
2. Cancellation rights
2.1. The consumer can use the right to cancel and unilaterally return the goods within 14 (fourteen) days, covering all shipping costs for their part.
2.2. The deadline for the exercise of the right to cancel is calculated from the date of receipt of the goods; when ordering from the date of receipt of the last goods - if the order contains several goods; from the date of receipt of the last consignment of goods - if the delivery is to be made in batches or in parts.
2.3. The use of the right to a refund means the notification of the cancellation of the goods on the part of the Buyer and sending it back to the Seller.
2.4. The notice of cancellation can be used by the Consumer using the refusal form or any other notice (in free form) of the refusal in which the Consumer is obliged to indicate the following:
Addressee (Seller name, actual address, phone number, e-mail address)
«I declare that I want to cancel the purchase of goods»
Order date/date of receipt
Consumer’s name and surname
Consumer’s address
Consumer’s signature (only in cases the form is written on paper)
3. Returning the products
3.1. The returned goods must be delivered to the Seller at the following address: Rīga, Ģertrūdes iela 20 - 9, LV-1011, in the original condition.
3.2. Using the right to cancel, the Consumer can return the goods to the Seller without packaging, if the Consumer did not have an opportunity to look at the Product without opening the package or it was not possible to keep the packaging of the goods, for example, because of the size of the package, because it is not an integral part of the Product.
3.3. The cancellation form or use of the right of return terminates the agreement and releases the Consumer from any contractual obligation arising from the agreement or from the obligation to enter into such an agreement.
3.4. The Consumer cannot exercise the right to cancellation in case the Product was manufactured precisely according to the Consumer's instructions or the Product is clearly personalized, if the products are perishable or easily broken, if the Consumer has opened the Product packaging and the products cannot be returned for hygienic reasons or harm to health, if due to the properties goods, after delivery, etc. 
3.5. The money will be returned to the buyer by the original method of payment.
4. Consumer’s Responsibility 
4.1. The consumer is responsible for reducing the products’ value or using it in an improper manner, if, during the exercise of the right of return, the Product has been used, exceeding the limits of the conditions necessary for testing its characteristics and identifying its type.
4.2. The Consumer is obliged to return the products to the Seller not later than 14 days after sending a written note of cancellation. The Seller is obliged to return the paid amount to the Consumer, including postal expenses, no later than 14 days after receiving information about the Consumer's decision to return the amount paid. The money will be returned to the Customer by the original method of payment. The Consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality of the Product during the term of the right of return.
5. Guarantee
5.1. The Consumer has the right to send to the Seller a claim informing about the product defects within two years from the date of purchase. Such claim should be submitted within 2 months from the date of discovering the defect. The date of purchase is the date when the Seller transferred, and the Consumer accepted the relevant product.
5.2. If the Manufacturer or the Seller provides the Product Warranty, after the expiration of the period specified in clause 1., the Consumer has the right to submit a claim for warranty service during the remaining warranty period in accordance with the terms specified in the warranty document. The said claim will be considered in accordance with the provisions specified in the guarantee document.
5.3. By submitting a claim about products’ defects to the Manufacturer or Seller, the Consumer shall attach a copy of the document confirming the order.
5.4. The Consumer's claim will be reviewed within 7 days from the date of receipt, the reply will be sent to the address indicated in the claim. If the claim is regarded as unreasonable, and the Consumer does not agree with this decision, he has the right to use the rights provided for by other regulatory enactments.
6. Delivery
6.1. The delivery cost within Riga is from 3-5 € (depending on the delivery area).
The delivery cost outside of Riga is from 5-20€ (depending on the delivery area).
The delivery cost to other countries is from 10-200€ (depending on the destination country and the weight).
6.2. Delivery is done within 2-7 days depending on the destination country and the delivery area.
6.3. If the recipient cannot be contacted and is not at home, the package is returned to the warehouse and sent again to the specified address at another time (an additional fee may apply for re-delivery).
We will notify the addressee of the delivery status.
6.4. In order to arrange express delivery, please contact us by phone. Orders received outside our working day will be processed on the next working day in the morning.
7. Payment
7.1. The following Payment methods are available:
7.2. Visa or MasterCard, or through payment system Paypal.
8. Disputes resolution
8.1. Legal relations arising from these Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.